Free Medical Camp
March 31st I visited a village known as Sankri Pali at Kalahandi in Orissa. This village is a tribal area. There people are in need of a constant health care. So our canter Yoga Vidya Mandiram organized a free medical camp for those tribal people. I went there with our team of doctors and my friends: Dr. Tapan Kumar Samal, Mr. Veemsen, Mr. Brushabha Naik, Pujya Saradanandaji Maharaj and myself.

The doctors checked more than 110 people and gave them necessary medications. There we also encountered several people suffering fro severe diseases, but we felt helpless to them. I felt that they really need more of such care and health awareness programs. Thank you so much for the selfless help of my respected doctors and other teammate. I wish to seek your help more in the future. May the blessings of my gurus and god flow through me with more strength so that I can face these people to help them. I remember what Swami Rama and my Gurudev Swami Veda taught – LOVE SERVE REMEMBER.
Here I am sharing some of my memories. Please check and share your suggestion for the future strategies. You are welcome to join me.