Five Suggestions for Yoga Teachers

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
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Today, we see there are many students come to India seeking the physical stillness and steadiness of the mind through yogic learning and its practices. Majority of them begin their Yoga journey by applying for the Yoga Teacher Trainings, such as 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, and Yoga Retreats and other Yoga Courses, such as 7 days Yoga & Meditation Retreats in Rishikesh, India etc. After they finish their training and when they go back home, they find it difficult to do and progress in their practices due to an absence of a yoga guide, teacher, master. We recommend some personal suggestions for such practitioners of yoga to progress and stay on the path.

There are innumerable lessons you can learn while practicing yoga. However it depends upon your commitments to their practices; the more you practice the you start exploring internally and learning from your practices. Yogic science when adopted in life it changes whole of your personality including body, breath and mind. It becomes a journey for the yoga students, for some a life-long journey, so therefore one has to go about the yoga practices at their each and every small step. Here are few lessons we share from our personal experiences:

Self-Discipline: In order to achieve the desired results you need to progressively work for the purity in observances of self-discipline and keep preparing the ground in which the seed of the positive thought is to be sown. Always work for the harmonization of the body, breath, and mind. And when you want to see whether you are progressing and following the Self-Disciplines or not then 0bserve these positive changes in your personality: (i) steadiness and stillness in movements of the hand and the feet, (ii) steadiness in the eyes, (iii) steadiness in the vocal speech.

Practice Consistently: In order to achieve the best and desired results from a yoga practice, it is highly recommended that you practice properly preferably at the same time. Being consistent in your practices prepares a ground for you to go to the next level of yogic experiences. Therefore one should practice consistently.

Mental & Emotional Harmony: Along with the physical body balance we also need to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions. A harmony between the mental operations and the emotional reactions requires a constant observation. Emotional balance provides your mind to function in a healthy and creative manner. So in order to achieve the best desired results from a yoga practice one needs to cultivate mental and emotional harmony.

Swadhyaya (Self-Study): Swadhyaya or Self-Study is a very effective part of a Sadhaka, yoga practitioner to acquire knowledge and progress in the path. There are two main ways to do the Swadhyaya , Self-Study; one when you acquire knowledge through either studying the things around or the information available about them, and the other is when you do the things and learn about them from your own experiences. A yoga practitioner follows both. Lord Krishna teaching his disciple and devotee Arjuna about the Yoga of Meditation (dhyana-yoga) says if you want to success in life you make your inquiry with both ways: by studying about them (jnana) and by personally doing then (vijnana), for example you may study a book on making coffee, but as long as you don’t taste it you will never know what it tastes like. So you seek learning from these two ways, learning from the personal knowledge and learning from the personal experiences.

Internal Dialogue: Every human being has an internal subtle voice which gives comments and observes the phenomena of the world around and within. This inner voice needs to be awakened and sharpened by a tool of yoga known as Internal Dialogue. In Internal Dialogue one harnesses an inner motivator, calls themselves out for cognitive distortions, and develops an inner tone.

Hope the above is helpful for you!

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